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Gabi Rose's 168 Pound Weight Loss Journey

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    Gabi's Appearance on Daytime

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Meet Gabi Rose

When Gabi Rose’s dress size ballooned to a massive size 26 she knew her life was in danger! She spent over 12 years of her adult life battling the dreadful disease of morbid obesity. At that time, Gabi was suffering from numerous ailments including asthma, hernias, rosacea, migraine headaches and severe back and hip pain. The true inspiration behind the Gabi Rose Story began quite unexpectedly after she had a near death experience in front of her four young children. One afternoon while driving home from a friend’s house Gabi suffered a massive obesity induced asthma attack. She was unable to draw air into her lungs and she frantically pulled the van over and explained to her children, “Mommy is going to sleep now”. With her last bit of strength she called her husband to tell him where she was and to say goodbye for the very last time; she truly thought she was dying. Thankfully, her husband arrived fast enough to give Gabi her medication and save her life. Read More

CNN Health - Family loses 300 pounds together

Her weight, which bounced up and down around her four pregnancies, wasn't just an aesthetic concern. She had frequent asthma attacks, broke an ankle several times, developed rosacea and noticed that her hair had stopped growing...

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Gabi’s exclusive "Power Pack" is recognized as a thermodynamic weight loss break through. Her methodology aids rapid fat loss, amplifies lean body mass, improves energy and increases overall metabolic rate. The Power PackTM can help you burn more fat, boost your energy and relieve stress while improving concentration and memory! Click here to find out more...

Time To Weigh In

Recent budgetary tadalafil online cuts to school programs have resulted in a shortening of the length of time students are actively participating in physical education in school. Our children are Read More

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