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Meet Gabi Rose

When Gabi Rose’s dress size ballooned to a massive size 26 she knew her life was in danger! She spent over 12 years of her adult life battling the dreadful disease of morbid obesity. At that time, Gabi was suffering from numerous ailments including asthma, hernias, rosacea, migraine headaches and severe back and hip pain. The true inspiration behind the Gabi Rose Story began quite unexpectedly after she had a near death experience in front of her four young children. One afternoon while driving home from a friend’s house Gabi suffered a massive obesity induced asthma attack. She was unable to draw air into her lungs and she frantically pulled the van over and explained to her children, “Mommy is going to sleep now”. With her last bit of strength she called her husband to tell him where she was and to say goodbye for the very last time; she truly thought she was dying. Thankfully, her husband arrived fast enough to give Gabi her medication and save her life.

Gabi barely survived this traumatic ordeal and she made a conscious decision to take drastic action and completely change her way of living so she could begin to reverse the extensive damage she sustained to her body, mind and spirit over the last 12 years. Gabi realized her unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits could be directly affecting the lives of her husband and four children, placing them at greater risk of disease and other health related illnesses. She was the primary caregiver of the household and she made it her personal mission to lead herself and her family into a new world of health, fitness and wellness.

Gabi’s dedication, determination and discipline toward her second chance at life led to a dramatic 168 pound weight loss and total reclamation of her life from the grasp of morbid obesity.Today, Gabi maintains her slender size and inspires millions of people to make an investment in their lives by getting healthy. Gabi was successful in helping her husband and four children get healthy by utilizing proper nutritional counseling, exercise and embracing a complete lifestyle change in their home. Throughout all her years of fighting the obesity pandemic Gabi has always believed, “The training of the body begins with the mind!”Through personal experience Gabi understands that people will gain more out of life when they weigh less. This can only be achieved by incorporating a healthy lifestyle into our everyday lives.

The Gabi Rose program is recognized exclusively as a thermodynamic weight loss break through. Her distinctive approach toward treating obesity increases the overall metabolic rate, improves energy, amplifies lean body mass and aids in rapid fat loss of her patients. Working closely with scientists from around the world, Gabi developed her own line of unique products. She has shared her business philosophies with doctors across the country and provided insightful wisdom to colleagues about increasing their bariatric practice revenue, while simultaneously improving the lives of their patients.

Gabi Rose is an international obesity and weight loss expert. Best known as an avant-garde lifestyle coach, Gabi has extensive training in the science of nutrition and weight loss. She is a business entrepreneur, television spokesperson, motivational speaker and fitness mentor. Gabi was the host and co-producer of the Get Fit Club, a one of a kind reality series seen on ABC throughout South Florida. She is a highly sought after media guest; she appeared on the NBC Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda and has been seen on ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS television. Gabi has appeared on numerous global radio shows including the Loretta McNary and Kol Halev with Shay shows. She has been featured in Ladies Home Journal, and First for Women magazines. In addition, Gabi was interviewed by Cary Castagna for his international fitness column. Castagna is editor at the Edmonton Sun and has interviewed fitness legends such as Jack LaLanne and Richard Simmons. The column known as “Half the Woman She Used to be” was published worldwide. Gabi makes regular radio appearances on Clear Channel and Beasley Broadcast Group stations throughout South Florida. She is the Chief Executive Officer of Gabi Rose, LLC and creator of “Get Fit with Gabi Rose”, an exciting innovative lifestyle approach to healthiness for the entire family. She collaborates extensively with national health and wellness corporations raising public awareness about the plight of obesity through scientific and inspirational methods.