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Success Stories

Gabi & David

Weight Loss: 230 lbs. together

Looking back all those years it is hard to believe the two of us tipped the scale at a combined weight of over 550 pounds. We weighed as much as two baby elephants and our relationship, family and well-being were suffering from our unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits.

Gabi was first to set out on the journey to reclaim her life from the scourge of obesity. Her enthusiasm, dedication and triumph became contagious in the home and David was soon following in her footsteps.

After embracing our new lifestyle we lost over 230 pounds together and have managed to keep the weight off over many years. The Gabi Rose program is the sole reason we achieved our goals and continue to maintain such great results! Subsequently, our children made health and fitness an integral part of their lives and their mother continues to be a constant source of motivation and inspiration to us all.

David, Gabi's Husband

Weight Loss: 80 lbs.

Several years ago my wife created a unique, personalized weight loss program that produces real results in compliant clients. I can attest to this because the Gabi Rose program helped me lose 80 pounds of unwanted weight. I have successfully kept the pounds off for four years following her healthy lifestyle philosophy and using the delicious products she offers including numerous varieties of protein bars and flavored shakes. I am blessed to share my life with Gabi; our four children and I have benefited greatly from the health knowledge and nutritional experience she brings into our home. I strongly recommend the Gabi Rose program. Just ask any one of the thousands of people she has helped get fit and healthy and you will know that she can help you too.


Weight Loss: 50 lbs.

When I graduated from elementary school I was heavy and unhappy with my weight. The clothes I wanted to wear did not fit and I felt disconnected from other students. Luckily for me my mom is Gabi Rose and she sat me down to discuss how I would get healthy and fit following her weight loss methods and advice. I lost 50 pounds and became an active healthy teenager. I play tennis five days a week, my grades have never been better and I have discovered a new found confidence in myself. Thanks, Mom!


Weight Loss: 100 lbs.

For years I tried every diet to lose weight, but they never worked. With Gabi Rose, I finally learned it's not about a diet, it's all about making healthy changes to your life. I have never looked and felt this good before!


Weight Loss: 60 lbs.

I wish I met Gabi Rose 15 years ago; I would not have been in the predicament that I was.


Weight Loss: 60 lbs.

The Gabi Rose program gave me the tools that I needed to not only lose the weight, but to keep it off!


Weight Loss: 60 lbs.

It's really been a revelation to learn through Gabi Rose just how much I can eat by making the right choices. I don't have to be afraid of food ... it's just a matter of being conscious of my choices.


Weight Loss: 45 lbs.

My experience with Gabi Rose has been wonderful! I play Caribbean Carnival and could not wear the costumes. Thanks to Gabi Rose, my outlook towards life has changed and I will be able to participate in the activities I love.


Weight Loss: 45 lbs.

I would recommend any program Gabi Rose offers. Gabi has changed my life!