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The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm, and not in a good way. So many families and lives have been broken and lost because of this virus. Gabi Rose, the author of the book Looming Death, is no stranger to the complications of the COVID-19 pandemic and other tragedies.

The author has faced many difficulties in her life. She battled morbid obesity for 13 years, which led to numerous asthma attacks, back and hip pain, rosacea, and migraines. The COVID-19 pandemic was just one of the many things that the author has been a victim of. As Gabi’s dress size reached 26, she was not only fearful for herself but for her family too.


Gabi Rose, the author of Looming Death and life coach, has experienced a great deal of pain and
difficulties for a good part of her life. She fought morbid obesity for thirteen years.

A Family Effort

Gabi Rose suffered with weight problems for more than a decade before she led her family on a weight-loss journey. In 2004, the year this photo was taken, she weighed 298 pounds.

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Life Lessons: Gabi Rose

Gabi Rose is an international obesity and weight loss expert. Best known as an avant-garde lifestyle coach, Gabi has extensive training in the science of nutrition and weight loss.

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Gabi Rose is a life coach who is also the author of the book Looming Death. Her book is an in-depth
and insightful view of the various difficulties and issues she has faced in her life.
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Gabi Rose is an author and life coach who has one of the most interesting stories ever. She battled obesity for 13 years,
which led to multiple health issues such as asthma attacks, unbearable back, and hip pain, rosacea, and migraines

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Gabi Rose is a life coach and an author who has an extensive history of fighting with her weight.
She was a victim of obesity for 13 years. Such extreme weight led to various health issues
for Gabi, such as asthma attacks, intolerable back, and hip pain, migraines, and rosacea.

Holiday Survival Tips By Gabi Rose

In research published recently in the journal Behavior Research and Therapy, doctors found that dieters who tried to control their appetites using avoidance strategies were at greater risk for overeating than those who developed coping skills to control their overeating.

1. Make a list of every good reason why you want to work out and make a plan for yourself. Draw up that plan in the form of a contract and sign it. It is your responsibility to read that contract every morning to yourself before you do anything else. In this plan it is important to elaborate on why it is imperative to you to stay healthy and put certain foods down. It is important to understand what food means to you and why you choose to eat certain holiday foods.

2. People who feel “ready” to lose weight are more likely to succeed at it.( evidence suggests that first defining “readiness” doesn’t predict weight loss or help to make it more likely to happen.)

3. Notice what is in your head and always be mindful of what is on your plate and how it will help or hurt you in your lifestyle efforts.

4. Small changes in how much you eat and/or exercise will result in large, long-term weight changes. (as weight is lost, it takes increasingly more exercise and fewer calories to keep the weight off.)

5. Make a list of what is real food and what is manufactured foodstuff before putting anything in your mouth. Differentiate the difference between the two. Only eat the real food.

6. Don’t be afraid to say NO, over and over again. Once NO becomes part of your food vocabulary it will put your friends on notice that you will not be eating everything that is put on your plate anymore. Do not feel compelled to explain the reasons you are saying No, Just say it,believe it, and live it!

7. Maintain Realistic weight-loss goals during the holidays and that will keep you motivated.

8. Pick things to do during the holiday season that will keep you moving and staying active. Activity throughout the day goes a lot further than a hard hour at the gym.